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The Legendary Arlis R. Jones


Starting out with nothing except a love for music a dream

and desire to create entertainment opportunities for

The African-American community, Arlis Jones with the help of

his beloved mother bought a northside building on a land contract, which marked the beginning of an unparalleled career in entertainment.


As an avid jazz and blues aficionado Arlis presented and promoted live performances from some of the nations leading jazz and blues artist.“My Goal was always to take it to the next level,” said Arlis, and that he did. From Blue and Frosty to the current flagship establishment Mr. J’s Jazz and Blues Lounge. Arlis has successfully started, owned and operated no less than 15 marquee nightclubs over the span of the past 40 plus years.


His impact upon Milwaukee’s African-American community is immeasurable. Arlis was more than a club owner, he was a community icon and anchor who worked tirelessly and gave everything he had in time, talent and treasure to the community and people he so loved.


And as the legacy continues - we're going the keep the party going